I am a designer, he is in IT – she smiled

We are friends – he introduced her

How much – he asked

Abortion is always risky for the mother.
She has some complications too.

How much?

15000 rupees,
Give or take a few.


She smiled again – doctor, we can afford it
Isn’t it too much

We can, obviously we can
But we checked the net, 5k isn’t it
– he spoke with strength

She has complications already,
Do you realise its your,
Your girlfriend’s life at stake

We are just friends – he corrects.

5 thoughts on “Negotiation

  1. The impersonal interaction portrayed here — the fixation on money, even with the possibility of physical danger — what is your stance towards the general type of interactive modality that it represents? Do you mourn the loss of the couple form? Find the economic treatment of bodies and once, purportedly, affectively charged relations such as sex revolting? Etc. Is this a real situation, or perhaps an example conjured up to illustrate the sort of dynamic? The choice of abortion, if it indeed was a literary and not a descriptive choice, to portray the dynamic also evokes a certain…milieu. So many questions! Enjoyed reading, regardless.

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    1. Ethan. Thanks a lot. Its been long since I got such a vibrant comment.
      Truth is, well truth, ineffable. This incedent is actual truth. It was in my head for a long time. I could not give it a poetic form, then I realised, why would I need to be poetic. A poet’s work, I felt is to make others feel how she/he felt. And hence.
      I am not against or for someone, but I could not separate the spectrum of emotions I felt.
      Glad you liked it. You are too kind.

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