Postcards of Insecurities . Chapter 2-Inactivity

A rickshaw. Coming from my opposite end. I walked as I generally am, lost so much in thoughts I barely watched the traffic. Night was turning older.

I was coming from tutions. A student late at night lost in dreams. When I looked up to the rickshaw it was passing by me. Quite fast. A girl with straight hair peeped behind while sitting on the rickshaw. Just then a truck slowed down beside her and the helper by the driver tried to touch her, she shrieked and moved on other side. Then I realised what she was looking at behind her. Boys in bikes were following her. They hooted as the truck guys tried to touch her.

All these happed in 3 seconds and the procession moved past me. I was still walking. It took me a few more moments to realise. I stopped and looked back. They have almost disappeared. I thought to run towards it. But I did not know if I would even catch them. People around did not care or were astounded it seems. I was. I never thought such a thing could ever happen. First time I saw with my eyes. And I did nothing. They were many, I was one, yet I had jumped into such occations at times. But here, I did nothing.

I dont know the girl or the boys. But since then, I knew of a coward that lives in me. I knew, I have failed what I believed in. Since then, my believes give me pain.

Inactivity looked at me and I looked down.

The incident played in my mind several times, I thought how I could have acted. But, the great But, is that I didnot, when it was actually needed.

I could have grown up that day. But I didnot, I still bear the immaturity. I envy the Night, each night, as it matures.

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