Mother and child

I saw a mother

Playing with an infant

Sitting on the curb

Child on arms


The world moved ‘as is’ around

And I did not know the story

Of the mother and the child

But then again – who knows


Who ever knew in this earth of billion years

The story about the mother engrossed in the child

And the infant raising to sky the little hands

Throwing punches to the cosmos

From the arms of a doting mother

Challenging the world with

Voice no other song can ever dare sing


Skyscrapers rise

Male lions fight

To eat and to live – life is fed

The sun burns to dance with the earth

Dancing Life to life

After the planet we point to the sky and shout –





The exhausted mother

Blossoms back to greenery

With kid in arms

The earth does not change its spin

But worlds have goosebumps of tickling soul

What a mystery

Who would know the story

Of a mother and a child.

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