Only mortal memories remain

The skyscrapers had turned pink in dusk

The bushes were growing darker

It wasn’t yet the time

For evening lights to make morning of night

Yet to them, I still could not keep to


Jealousy failure helplessness insult

Their bites were love bites, I basked in pain


With no thought, I went on thinking

And Hippos in clouds ignored me, to yawn

They knew I would look

That I wont be able to ignore

So many


I am not sure if the Hippos knew my confusion

They were just bathing in clouds,

I am not sure why the dusk was pink

I was just walking in pain.


The Sky met the Earth at horizon

I never reached it, it was too far for me

We met in vision and subconscious hope

The Hippos hoping to have existence, hoping for identity,

Hoping to be absolute for a moment through me

I was hoping to question mine.


Night is on us now, My walk is no longer now

Time has gone too far, it often goes too far.


Only mortal memories remain – maybe they are looking at forever, maybe at nevermore

Only mortal memories remain.

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