22 thoughts on “I dont think she misses me anymore

      1. thank you for the compliment. I don’t use my phone for viewing. I know that the interface is very limited on a phone, so browsing an extensive web site would be difficult. Actually there is more access with a tablet (even my little Fire) but still not the total of a full site on a PC.

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      2. blogging since 2011, there is a lot of poetry and photos and other stuff in the general category called This and That; In the right hand sidebar there is a lot more information. In fact you are the newest VCB (Very Cool Blogger)

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    1. Thanks a Lot. I just wanted it to be purely a poetry blog. I opened it one day travelling via a taxi cab. The name and the opening name are what came spontaneously. I never thought anybody would even see it.
      Glad you liked it. It really made me happy.

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