Nothing to say

I dont have anything bloody to say
Silence might not be inactive
Inactivity is finally silence

Only when clouds can speak
I sing
Bowing when silent trees clap

I am human
Even if I have nothing else to say
I am still human – with shields yet not bought

21 thoughts on “Nothing to say

  1. Your excellent site has the distinction of being SOMETIMES’ +900 Follower!
    Your poetry is remarkable, and your “couplets” actually carry their own significance…before I realized that they lead to longer poems. Talent indeed!

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      1. From within my blog (Sometimes) do the search (black button top right) word Poetry and the category will come up. I have some 800+ blog entries and Poetry is a separate category. I will also send you a link.

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      2. A lot of the poems are from WordPress classes a few years ago…the poetry class got into different forms of poetry which was fun…they still have the classes but I think not the way they were with good-size groups of participants in a structured class.

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      3. There is a great help manual on the WordPress site, which goes into great detail as well as live customer serve people who will help with specifics. I actually printed the manual out three years ago or so and studied it to learn how to do the blog. Let me hop over there and see if I can get you a link or two.

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      4. this is the link for the info on the WordPress courses. They are listed here including Intro to Poetry… the courses are free and fun, no obligation at all moneywise or coursework. I took all of these classes three years ago and loved them all. Many of my followers and blogs I follow came from these course interactions. No…I don’t work for WordPress. It’s just that I enjoy my blog so much.

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