Too much to ask for?

The morning of a summer
Of where you were born
Of where your mother
Served you breakfast
Each day
And the morning light leisurely
Strolling through the balcony
Waiting for you to come out.

A well fed sweating child
Sweating in excercise
Of brain and body
And with the leisure
To wonder
Without bias
Is that too much to ask for
After thousands of years
Of war and peace
Thousands of years
Of civilisational growth

The morning light
Shapes the memories
And dreams forever and evermore
Of the one who could as a budding soul
Bask in it , as friends bask in friends
A childhood worth revisiting
When mornings would come in dusk

Not ‘a’ well fed sweating child
But ‘all’
Thus to have a childhood atal
For children when they are children
And not for Aylan Kurdi to wash ashore

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