You and I – a nation

You and I – a nation – why?
He and she – a people- why?
He she you I,not all, not yet
One people, one nation – why not?

History and lies
And belief in fear

Growth survival and death
So natural in strife
Growth survival and strength
In peace – the strategies – ignored

Oh what dream of hopeless ones
Not just in empathy
But in reason wisdom intellect
And strength too
One nation – empathetic united
One people – diverse wise and stong
Able wanting acting
To grow
And yet the individual – as individual –
Lives and dies and lives
Ones own

Not an utopia
But a dream that sweats bleeds
Laughs fights and Lives.
Lives with the hopeless ones.

2 thoughts on “You and I – a nation

  1. Humankind at the species level interestingly described. Incomplete analysis, a work in progress. Then again isn’t all Art? Though enough said to gain consideration therefore job done as far as I can see. Thanks for this piece. Chris T.

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    1. Thanks a lot. You are a very vivid reader. Very true what you said, isn’t all art? But not all arts are as impactful as man kind themselves, to the extent of being fatal.
      But what can we say, but just go on attempting and hoping to survive a bit better and evolve and live with intelligence empathy and strength.
      Thanks a lot again.

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