Petty headaches

All my headaches
Are so petty

Entire characters develop
My cranium the amphitheater

All want to rule the brain
I give them windows to grow out

Grow out to the empire to create
Outside in the canvas to create

The monster is in the hidden genes of past
Sea and muscle mountain

A pipe of neck
The sphere of face hidden in oblivious trees

Hidden with hunger
But the dream must go on

Petty headaches I am petty brained
Yet seed of life as viral roots

Death for one for other to live
I am petty

My headaches just foot prints
Before armageddon

Or, Before heavenly eternity
Or maybe just random universal gliding

In breakdown I view as an observer
Beyond maze, the maze of stars

The heart of time and brain of universe opens before me
I reflect, headaches dont pain, pain tracendent

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