Into the arms of Dark Colours

In darkness of night
There, who knows,
If there are dark colours to approach the
The suffocating shadow
To console of tears in
Frailty in goodness
Boldness of oppurtunism
And the fascist love for it.

Dark colours
In you, when light has failed
We seek the source
To endure
In you we render the last godly mane
When gods bear no meaning
But a silent integity
In deep deep self.

Dark colours
Console would you or provoke
To a revolution we know not
We dare not imagine
For the corrupt is so much in us than outside
And in outside, the war so insane.
Provoke would you or welcome
To the clouds of short but vibrant life
A cycle beyond cycles, living in a moment
For as much as all.

Dark Colours and
I hope i am no more in realm of dark ignorance

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