The glance of love, the glance of empathy

I have loved so many and left
As I moved ahead.

Some of them, I wanted, I still want
To meet again but
There is now a ‘maybe’ tucked in.

If fate makes us meet again, maybe,
I will look at them in shame
For never have striven
To act the love
That my each word, tear, and touch

The little orphan children
Who hugged my legs and cried
As I left their distant orphanage
Or the proud old missionary
Who toiled in the far end
Of remote estuarine villages
Or the pet dog of an ashram stay
Who showed all his bodily tricks
Jump up, roll, eyes big and wagging tail
Just so that I wont go.
But I left, vouching I shall come back
But I never did.

I never gave that girl
One gift, every time I said
Next time I surely will
But never did.
Yet she always
Showered me with presents
Strong eyes hiding the expectations
And when I left
I never even said good bye
Just memories.

Every time I move ahead
With memories maybe
To ruminate in lazy strolls
What do I leave behind?

Its not a trail of blood
Its just a broken promise
So simple, maybe
Just food for a few silent sighs
Nothing else
Then they must move on
They have
So has Love
For Empathy must move on too
It has a misty destination ahead
And most of us-the path
Where Empathy must tread on
So much hard to tread
So much vanishing
So much of words, maybe feelings too
But limbless in action
Only a few of us
Few of the alleys
Are brave and bright and wise
To welcome Love, To welcome Empathy
In homes of ‘Selves’
But its the little people’s little actions
That makes her sweat silent tears
Which she can’t count.

And at times Love and Empathy
Suddenly look at me
I shiver at times and stand up
Ready to run
And by God’s grace
At times sprint sharp,

But rest of the times
When She just drop a passing look
I just look away
And rumble a kind of something
Just so the moment might pass
As now.

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