My first nephew

Me and my first nephew stay miles apart
I visited them last year
And spend a few days

We used to run play and wrestle
Jump climb swing feel the wind
Throw frisbie cycle look at the
Clouds and stars and talk

He a child of six then and I a young one

We talked of insects and plants
Of the sun the moon and
Armstrong and Sharma
We talked of wars and peace
How apes turned human
Kings democracies
Revolutions freedom
Aurora, mariana and sunderbans
The birth of earth and life
How wisdom loves both empathy and survival
And parents love their child

He listened mostly
Awed with so so many questions
That could either drive you mad
Or melt your heart
Awed that a picture in book
A story heard can be real truth
Awed by how big truth is
And how close a story can get to heart
Just as maybe we felt
When our father told such stories
With local props
Like the folded pillow mother earth
And molten lava the unseen cotton
Such such and so forth

And one such day
After such a story
My young young nephew
Rolled over to me
With an idea he breathed fast to form
Yet got shy
On insisting I had to promise
Never to express his deep deep desire
(Which I am breaking now
As a far weaker man than him)
That all he wanted is to be God

My heart skipped
And gladdened so so much
By God’s grace
He has known the ideal of humanity
And has voiced it in words

My stories went then to hypothetical means
Of how growth growth wisdom and growth
Can turn us to a being beyond
To god
But a god not beyond wise empathy
As he shook head
With his wide opened eyes still so much
In thought and awe of thought

Then we ran out to play
In green of grass and soft evening light
The soft breeze welcoming our sweat


Ps: My second nephew I hope does not get angry that he is not in this poem.

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