Ink to life,unfelt forge,?, … …. …..

Will anybody understand
Does anybody ever need to
For me to scribble
I need ink
An ink that can make
Dreams of Spirits
A painted truth
I need an undercurrent
Gushing out, lashing at the walls
Of a red red heart
As my soul bleeds ink.

My brain
Sings an electric song
To induce the ink
Into the hopes of forms
And they gasp to life.

Do anyone need to feel the feel each budding creation unknowingly gives
The creator, as he tears himself a piece, to a newer life, his creation,, dreaming his creation’s dream land

Anyone, even the creation too, if it prevails, should it feel the need, of a creator to bud off and milk ink , to dissolve to form that milk, and with the hope of form, the need and burns to give it life? Or is he alone in the void of that unfelt forge… …. …..


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