When thoughts Try to Live

The thought of an Idol

From where no one wants to touch

I have to Stay.

There is no question

The answer- there is none

The Idol is Alive

I can see

I hallucinate.

What ever is there

What ever There can try to be

What ever is might be

The Cause not thought

I can see when I look there

When I look there I hallucinate.

I am not a man

I am a woman when men look at me

I am no women when when I look at some

A man seeps in when women move

When Women Ponder and I have thoughts

When thoughts Try to Live.

I am None

When I forget

I am soul

When I breathe

When I wisen I grow

When I grow I grow thick

Cheeze Tastes Cheezy.

To see

To hear to touch , taste, feel


Then moving to Stop Again

And I am

Minor in seeds

Unknown mirrors drape to Mate me

I do

The Only Want

Thus is.

The Idol Perceives

Blind to Darkness

Where no touch is touched

And Touch Touches Where

That perception

Seeps and seeds

There Is no Tree

Only Hope.

The Hope grounds

Ground is wet

I shall never be Dry.

I am Rain.

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