I, the I

Where I stand
Let it be a part of me
Something of my own shadow
Or something of my own light
Let that platform
Be my part
And not I its.

Let it not be
Just some grains washed ashore
But a boat
Of my own cells
To sail to sail
To the ocean sail
Where in my island
My own
I can make
And therein live,
Or else let me know not to live,
And just to stay and move
Knowing neither, knowing none.

No knowing,no knowing
As a grain
A piece to make
A piece to break,
Not one to make and break,
A piece,
Just, just and just only that.
Let me not be conscious dead
Or worse
A conscious dying dead.

And that’s what I pray
When I pray to you,
You- whom I call myself.

PS: I know poetry must be true. But I really hope, maybe mankind, one day will be strong enough for this kind of prayer. But when I need to pray, I still am not strong enough to pray to myself as myself.

4 thoughts on “I, the I

  1. I can assure you God hears our prayers whether we say them aloud or silent inside of us. Just talk to him with a honest contrite heart and pour out those things you want to release and those things you would want. believe you receive them and you will.

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