Sharp eyes
Which pierced through
Soft memories
Outlined by a dark liner
A vibrant rainforest
Bordered by deep deep river
And then she smiled.

Who can ever forget
When stars have awed
By the glow that you held in arms
The warmth that rivals hearty lava
That maketh earth
Then she wriggled in joy.

When skies turned to our savanah
And we flew with my feet on ground
And her hands high up in the air
Who would know
We could not fly
But time does
And moments, faster than lightning
Seep into half true memories

We are not dead yet
But once we loved
We could never love Love more
Than we loved each other
And Love slowly left us to us
And death, we never knew,
But made us old

And as she aged
I could not remember Love
Every time
The sharp eyes would crawl out
From long frozen memories
And stare back at me
Life outlined with our memories
Its still a rainforest, vibrant, warm
Still some deep river flows
And she looks more ravishing
Each passing day
Each passing day

Only we have loved so
That we left Love behind
Not loving but Love
And now

We have so dissolved into the other
We cant even miss it
Yet the desire to exist as one remains
Just so atleast for once, once more
We can miss Love atleast
The old bloody friend.

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