The bet beyond

The tune that plays in
The enourmous string
That holds reality and myth
In its nodes

The tune that keeps awake
The Flow

Time, existance, me you
The living stars
The never lived individual dust
All, even the great Nothing
Along with all thats not Nothing
In the flow
Of one song
One set of tunes

One set of random noises
Jumping together
To find meaning in unison
And thus

Random noise and the Song
For the Focus
That isnt, havent,
Maybe couldnot be seen
But by feeling the beats
Of the Random noise and
The Total-Whole-Song

Focus to the Flow
Thus Focus of the Flow
The question questions the questioner
In a loop
That pushes
The Vision of Existence
To a brink of no return
There the Vision must evolve
To fly
To the clouds of Furtherness
(Indescribable before it actually does)
Or crash
Choking on its own weight
(Indescribable before it actually does)
What a gamble, what a gamble
Who knows
If we could ever place such bets
Or even dare to
When we have other loves to love
And other dreams to dream
And failures to succumb to

The bet beyond

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