Leaping for a moment

No thoughts have been fooling around

But the thought to think

To Think beyond what I know is happening


Ideas have broken to a burn deep down

Their shards scratch the walls of flow

Motives are lost and I am soul


The motive in fire the soul in flow

The desire of thought beyond the Real

The hope to exist, flourish, the hope to fly the Hope


Lest to stumble the march is on

Hiccups are followed with a tenor’s song

To stone and flesh and fire and flow, to lively impact, thus is sung


It isnt a hard line it isnt a soft cheese

Its the slow death through pomp glory and glamour

In fear of not living atal in silence, its the clamour of pitch


As silence becomes death , the flight is on

To a much beholden desire, human can embrace a hot humanity

Tnd thus turn a Cyclonic Constellation.


We want to live,with worth that defines life,

With impact that defines worth, But maybe nothing defines worth, beyond a salty feeling when its not met

Yet as Final we want to start, a belief in contradiction, a passion in belief, A soul in Deed.


Humanity should not sleep

Even if it sleep walks

I should dream in action.


I should act never to sleep

Sleep never to die

Die never to forget life that hath maketh the Universe wherein I lived and Died.


My thoughts of a Blind

That never go blind

But where always in dream of waking up. In that moment I exist to see a transluscent reality not only of the Visible, But of the Blind and of the beyond.


I desire, I think , I March.

In anticipation of an clear unknown.

I have felt myself for that moment I think, The existance and my force to look at the Universe, a momemtary force, a spike to foreplay with existance.


It is not I,

Thoughts have been not fooling around

They just lept for a moment.

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